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The dragonkin are a race born from the union of humans and dragons. They have very minor attributes that denote their heritage; some have horns, bits of scales, odd colored eyes, claws and so on. They are superior trackers and can run on all four like hounds for extended periods of time. All dragonkin can spew a noxious gas from their mouthes that melts anything it touches. Other races will imbibe certain herbs to give them other abilities, for example, the green dragonkin can produce a sleep gas due to a herb that they eat.


The dragons, not very fond of humans for the most part, tend to keep to themselves. They come in several racial varieties. The blues are scholars, the greens are dreamers, the reds are fighters, and the blacks are cunning, unfortunately, the brass dragons were destroyed by the other dragon flights for what was seen as "unforgivable transgressions against dragon-kind".


Shiq are the spirit remnants of a race that dwelled in the desert before humanity wiped them out. They grow in strength based on the phases of the moons; when the moons are absent from the sky, they are at their weakest and when they moons are full, they are stronger. They typically haunt the places where their homes formerly stood, including buildings that have been erected on the ruins.

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Mermaids are water creatures found throughout the seas of Rhatan. Being that there are no males in the mermaid race, mermaids lure sailors and fishermen into the seas and take them as mates. They, unfortunately, tend to forget that other creatures need to breathe air. They clean up these little mistakes by devouring their dead lovers. When the child comes to term, if it is female it will be born a mermaid. If the child is male, it will be born with the appearance of the father's race. The mermaids will typically, if it's convenient, leave these male children on the docks or on the shore to be found. The mermaids will be loyal to their male offspring and offer them guidance and protection at sea. There is an aberration in this, see ""Siren"" below.

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Golka are creatures with dominion over the earth; they can travel through the earth very quickly and build complex caverns and homes in and on the ground. Golka have precious stones inset in their foreheads and are often hunted for those gems. Rumor says that a golka gem glitters more brightly than any other stone.

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The avanos are bird-like creatures that populate the skies of remote regions. They are fiercely territorial and attack in perfect formation every time. They have traditional migration patterns and migrate to a new territory every season. They are very fragile so they tend to avoid direct contact in battle, preferring to drop things from above and dive bomb with claws extended.


Sirens are the children of mermaids and avanos. They are born with a physique similar to that of a mermaid and dwell in the seas. They can interbreed, but the unions are rarely viable enough to be carried to term. They are much slower than mermaids and lack the intelligence of the avanos. They obsess over food and little else. Do not allow a mermaid over hear you comparing them at risk of the mermaid taking offense.

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Sytir are goat-like fire beings that dwell in volcanic and mountainous areas. They are very rambunctious and tend to set forest fires in their play, this only adds fuel their energy and activity. They are happy to share in their fire festivals and celebrations with any people that happen to be wandering by. The sytir of Northern Khansha and Northern Cornael are more violent than their cousins in Ushmal.


Arachni are spider women who prey on the men of other races. Very few men are born to the arachni so the women are forced to be creative in their choices of mates. Their bite causes partial paralysis, fever, and intense arousal. They only cure for the poison is time; people have been bitten multiple times eventually develop a resistance to the poison.


Fairy folk live in vast caverns under the ground. Their realm is lit by glowing crystals. They are very vain and silly. They change their hair color to match the latest fashions amongst the nobles frequently. Their homes are more ornate than functional. They are immortal as long as they live in their caverns and only eat their food; human food and the human realm destroy them very slowly. Most fairies are competent casters. They worship a goddess named Zura.