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Shana is an eight year old girl; she lives in Ishalla with her guardian, Yun. Her parents, both ecologists, had to leave her when she was still an infant. Shana is a sickly child, her lungs are incredibly weak and she is prone to coughing fits and fevers. Despite her illness, she has a very sunny disposition and sees the best in all people and situations.


Yun is the guardian of the young girl, Shana. She is devoted to the child and to finding her a cure for her illness. She is very distant and can be quite indifferent towards people who are not her young ward. Most food is tasteless to her for unknown reasons though she will eat odd things such as mermaid scales, commenting that she can taste the magic and it's as close to a flavor as she can distinguish. Yun is a proficient caster and uses her magic as a natural extension of herself.


A scarred man with a fuzzy memory of his past, his body is covered in a number of scars, the most noticeable of which cover his face, neck and arms. His true name is locked inside a shell shaped pendant, the owner of which becoming the owner of the man as well until his stolen name is returned to him. Aggressive and condescending at first he quickly comes to truly care for those under his wing.


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